Google says it has closed off the access to greyhound and other information that the AP says could lead to identity theft

A company that runs Google’s popular search engine said it had shut down access to its knowledge forums and information that it says could potentially lead to data breaches.

Google said Tuesday it had disabled the Google Knowledge Base, its website that provides information on the latest trends and news about technology, software, cars and other topics.

It also blocked access to the “Google Search,” the service that helps people find things on the web.

Google said it will continue to block access to other information, such as financial and financial-related information, but will no longer block access for accounts that are not registered.

Google says the information in the accounts will not be accessible until Google can get permission from the company to do so.

Google did not immediately respond to requests for comment from AP.

The information in Google’s accounts will no more be accessible than other Google accounts.

Google says it was able to stop access to accounts that had been verified by the company’s system.

Google did not explain why it had taken the action or how many accounts were affected.

It did not say whether it was related to the data breach disclosed in May.

Google’s move to shut down its knowledge bases came after news outlets reported that Google had been collecting and storing customer data on millions of people.

Google has been under fire in recent months after a breach at an online advertising company, Experian.

That data included the personal information of customers and some users.

Experian said in a statement that it was cooperating with authorities.

The Associated Press is not naming the people whose information was collected because they are not authorized to discuss the issue.

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