How to tell if you’re suffering from dementia

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Originally published as ‘disastrous’ dementia diagnosis prompts hospital closures article The Department of Health is warning the public to be vigilant about symptoms they may have on the verge of dementia and to seek professional advice if they experience any symptoms.

Key points:The department says it is working with Queensland’s Mental Health Agency to make the diagnosis easier for peopleThe department has set up a hotline to call in urgent care for people who have symptoms of dementiaThey say the diagnosis is likely to be difficult and people should be advised to seek medical advice urgently to avoid serious long-term consequencesThe Department of Mental Health and Developmental Services (DMHDS) is working closely with the Queensland Department of Social Services and Health to ensure people are diagnosed and treated as soon as they have symptoms.

On Friday, the department warned that people who experience any signs of dementia could be vulnerable to long-lasting psychological or physical consequences.

“Dementia is a very difficult condition for people to live with, and the longer it goes on, the more severe it can be,” said DMHDS CEO Professor John Macdonald.

“We want people to be as clear as possible about what they are experiencing, and that’s what we’re doing to get that information out.”

Professor Macdonald said the department was working with the state’s mental health agency, the Queensland Mental Health Authority, to make this diagnosis easier.

“If you have symptoms, we will help you find a GP and get the right help and advice for your condition,” he said.

“As soon as you’ve found the right GP, you can then go in and see them and be referred to a psychiatrist or psychologist.”

Once you have that diagnosis, we’ll help you get the best support possible.”DMHSS has set the hotline, 1800-734-8181, for people affected by dementia who want to get professional advice.”

A diagnosis is not an excuse for not getting the help you need,” Professor Macdonald added.”

And if you don’t get the help, we don’t want you to feel that you’re not going to get it, so we’re working hard to help people.”‘

This is a huge problem’Professor Macintosh said the number of people with dementia in Queensland was increasing by 1.5 per cent a year, with the number diagnosed being “over 50 per cent”.”

The reason we’re having this rise in people is because of the rise in the number that are living with dementia, and we’re seeing people go from one of the highest levels of dementia to the lowest level of dementia in the country,” he explained.”

So this is a massive problem.

“This is an enormous problem, and I know that the Government has taken steps in the past few months to deal with it.”

He said the state government had also announced a number of measures to reduce the stigma and isolation that people with the condition faced.

“The Government has committed to supporting the mental health of people who are at risk of developing dementia, which includes making sure they get the support they need to get through it, and increasing their awareness of what is normal, what is not normal and what can be avoided if they are feeling stressed or anxious,” he added.

Professor Macdonas advice to people affected with dementiaThe DMHSS is currently working with state mental health agencies, as well as other agencies and the public, to provide advice about the condition.”DMH services in Queensland have been working with mental health professionals and other experts to support people who may be suffering from the symptoms of mild dementia, or dementia without dementia, so that they can be treated as quickly as possible,” Professor John said.

Professor John said people with mild dementia had symptoms of mood changes, changes in behaviour, anxiety and memory problems.

“These are all normal, and they are symptoms of normal mental health,” he noted.

“However, they can also be a warning sign of serious illness.”

They may have a low memory and forgetful behaviour, and these symptoms of memory loss can be more than just a mental health issue, but can also have long- lasting impacts on their mental health and wellbeing.

“Professor John says the best way to prevent the symptoms from being aggravated is to avoid stress, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and that you don,t become irritable or stressed.”

There are a number different ways that people can avoid having the symptoms and getting the problems that they have, so it is important that they get to the right doctors and get to their doctor to get their diagnosis,” he told News Breakfast.”

Because of the fact that people may not have the diagnosis right away, it’s important that people get the diagnosis and be treated.

“He also said it was important for people with severe dementia to seek out professional help if they experienced symptoms.”

People with severe cognitive impairment, such as dementia without disability, are more likely to need to have the help that they need, and if they do, it is critical that

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