How to find out the truth about your food in an all-encompassing survey

The National Geographic Society is taking a new approach to its food research, announcing today that it is launching a series of interactive quizzes for its readers.

The first quiz, called “The Truth About Food,” will ask readers to rate food on a scale of 1 to 10, and then it will compare that rating to the survey results.

Each quiz will ask questions that include: What do you eat every day?

How much do you spend on food?

How healthy are you?

How many calories do you need per day?

What are your favorite food brands?

What’s in your fridge?

What’s on your pantry?

What do your friends eat?

And so on.

The answers will be tallied and ranked by each member of the National Geographic community.

In a press release, NGS president and CEO Bill Brown said, “With The Truth About Foods, we’re building a better food and nutrition research tool to enable more informed consumers to make informed decisions.”

The National Geographics team has also joined forces with the Food Network, PBS, FoodNavigator, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest to develop the quiz, which is scheduled to launch on June 26.

The National Archives, which will host the quiz as well, will host a similar program that will begin on June 14.

“As the nation prepares to celebrate our 100th birthday, we know that Americans are hungry, but we’ve also learned that their food choices are a critical part of our overall health,” said Brown.

“With this interactive quiz, National Geographic and its partners are providing consumers with the tools to make healthier choices and take meaningful action.

This new National Geographic Food Science & Food Lab will provide a powerful platform for scientists to test their theories and build on our work to provide a better understanding of the human food system.

We look forward to your participation in the National Science Adventure and sharing your insights with the public.”

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