When you’re not building a product, what’s your focus?

I’m a bit of a nerd, but I love reading about technology.

I’ve learned about the internet, but it’s not something I’m going to use as a tool for real-world development.

But if I were building a computer, I’d be building a better one. 

It’s a question I get asked a lot when I talk about my interest in the automotive industry.

How did you get into it? 

Well, when I was 14 years old, I got into the internet.

It was just an obsession of mine.

I thought that technology was cool and I wanted to be able to control it and make my own stuff.

That was the first thing that drove me.

I wanted a car, I wanted something that looked like a Porsche, but was faster and had more horsepower.

And I wanted it to have a really high-quality finish. 

And that was the beginning of my fascination with automotive design.

I’m still very interested in it.

I also love to play around with cars.

It’s very cool to be in the car.

So it’s kind of like an obsession, but also a hobby. 

What has the automotive community learned from you?

I think it’s very interesting.

We see a lot of people who have this crazy passion for technology, but they’re kind of ignorant of what they can actually do with it.

They want to be the most efficient and safest car.

I think people are actually getting better at that.

That’s kind, what I call “learned self-efficacy” or just “learn from your mistakes.” 

What do you want the automotive world to learn from you when it comes to design?

I want it to become more open and transparent.

I want more of it to be available to the public. 

So the automotive designers who are doing a lot for the industry, they’re working on the same basic concepts.

What they’re doing is building cars, but in a way that people can see them in the same way.

I see them as a kind of tool, but not as a solution. 

Why is that? 

I think it has to do with the fact that it’s a really old problem.

I can’t think of any problem where technology is really, really relevant.

It just doesn’t work for everyone.

So you’re going to see people with different interests and different goals.

But you’re also going to find a lot more of those people who are really focused on their own projects and are working on their projects at a much slower pace than people who just want to work on something that’s going to make them money. 

Which is the thing I like about you guys. 

You guys don’t seem to be trying to make a big-time money-making project out of your cars. 

That’s true, but what makes you think you can? 

It depends on the situation.

I would say that there’s a huge amount of people in the industry who are interested in doing really good stuff.

And those are the people who will take the time and pay attention to the design.

There’s people who want to build a really beautiful car.

And there are also people who make cars for their friends.

And it’s the people that want to go to work every day who are going to pay attention. 

Is that why you guys don? 

That depends on a lot things.

What kind of car do you have?

Is it a mid-size SUV, a midsize hatchback?

What’s the price range?

Does it have a turbocharged engine?

Is the engine a manual transmission?

Or does it use an electric powertrain?

Is there an on-board camera, or a GoPro?

Are you interested in the safety of the car?

What kind is the powertrain like?

How big is the battery pack?

Are there any other options for the vehicle?

Are the parts interchangeable?

Is that a standard car?

Do you have a factory option or do you just design your own?

Do they make their own parts?

How much is the car, or do they have to buy from you, or is it your money? 

Does that mean you’re just making your own parts or do your suppliers make them for you? 

What are your aspirations?

I don’t have an ambition to be an auto-industry legend.

I really want to make it easy for other people to build their own cars.

So I’m not going to be making my own things.

I am going to try to make cars as safe and efficient as possible.

I don`t want people to have to go and buy parts or make their cars themselves.

But I think we can do it if we’re really honest.

I know people who buy from us, but we don’t make their parts.

So they’re making parts, but for free. 

How has the industry responded

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