India’s most popular drugs forum: Pharma knowledge forums get the spotlight

India’s top drug forums, the Asia Knowledge Forum (AHKF) and the Indian Pharmaceutical Knowledge Forum, are taking a front-row seat as part of a programme that aims to make India’s healthcare and pharmaceutical industry more accessible and affordable.AHPF is one of the most active forums in the country with more than 70,000 registered members.

The forum aims to provide healthcare professionals with access to the latest clinical research, advice and technology.

The AHKF is the first forum to offer a pharmaceutical database, the most comprehensive database of drug information.

In a bid to promote the growth of medicines in India, the forum launched a new app for the last three months that helps doctors and other healthcare professionals access clinical trial data from the database.

The forum has also partnered with the Centre for Pharma Education and Research (CPER), a Centre for Science Education (CSE), to launch the AHPF Pharmacy Knowledge and Skills Course (PKSCL).

The course will teach new pharmacists how to use the drug database, answer questions and find resources for pharmacist training.

It will also introduce new products to the marketplace, such as the first herbal drug in the world, as well as introduce a range of pharmaceutical companies.

India is one among the fastest-growing countries in the region.

The country has been seeing a massive increase in prescription drug use and the number of people receiving healthcare-related drugs.

India’s GDP is expected to reach $3 trillion by 2030, with over 5 million deaths expected annually.

The AHPf is part of the government’s ambitious roadmap to increase access to healthcare and improve quality of life in the Indian economy.

India’s drug industry is worth nearly $7 trillion and employs more than 50 million people.

It accounts for roughly one-third of India’s total economy.

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