Which is the biggest news story of the week?

Posted May 11, 2019 03:17:58 While there’s a lot of debate on the top stories of the day, one that I’ve always liked is the one that focuses on a particular topic that gets people talking.

That’s what we have today: The new president of the United States, Donald Trump, has just won the presidency.

The headline of the headline of today’s news story is “Trump Signs $400 Billion Trade Deal,” and that’s the story I like.

Trump’s trade deal will be the biggest of his career, and it’s going to help our country.

As for the headline, it’s actually not the biggest headline in the news, but I think it’s a pretty good representation of what’s going on.

Trump has announced a major economic and foreign policy agenda for the United State, and the biggest one is a major deal with China.

In fact, the big headline of this article is that Trump has signed an executive order creating a “Buy America” rule, which is a new rule that prohibits U.S. companies from using foreign labor to make their products in the United.

This rule is very important to me, because I’m a very strong advocate of American jobs, but if they can’t make a product here, then that’s not good.

I think that we have to stop these trade deals, but they have to be reciprocal.

And we have been trying for a long time to get these deals.

But we need a trade deal that puts Americans first.

So we’re getting a huge piece of legislation on Monday, which I think is very significant, and I’m very pleased with it.

And so, the headline is actually not very big, but it’s still worth mentioning, because it’s important.

There’s a big trade deal coming up, and that deal will help us.

Donald Trump is a big fan of President Xi Jinping of China.

The headline of that article is “Xi Jinping Calls Trump to Talk About Trade Deal” and it reads: Xi Jinping calls Donald Trump to talk about trade deal with the United states.

Now, this is a very good thing.

This is the first time in history that Xi Jinping, the president of China, has called Donald Trump.

And this is very, very good news for the American people.

And the headline on this is actually quite appropriate, because Xi is not the president.

Xi is the head of the Communist Party of China and he has not been in the White House for very long.

So it’s very important that he speak to the American public.

But I also think it has to be balanced.

Because we have a very serious trade problem, and we have trade deficits with China, and our companies have to compete with them.

So there are going to be trade issues with the U.K. as well, and other countries that are interested in our manufacturing, and trade issues.

So I think this is really important.

It’s a good thing that we’re talking about trade and that it’s being discussed, and this is what we need to do.

And if we don’t do this, we will never solve the problem.

It’s a trade issue with China that has been an issue for a while, and there’s no reason for that to change.

But what is happening is a serious trade issue.

So, the United Kingdom is doing its part.

It will be a great trade partner for the U, and China is going to do its part to help.

We have to do our part.

And it is also important that we get these trade agreements done.

So that’s what the president did today.

But it is a great thing that China is joining the TPP.

But the reality is, we have huge trade deficits.

China is a giant country, and they are going through a trade deficit with us.

They have to pay their fair share.

So we’re going to have to work with them on this.

But we have the power.

The United States has the power to do this.

And I think we have very, highly respected leaders in the U., including President Xi, who are very focused on getting this done.

What I’m hoping is that the president can take some of these trade issues seriously.

But as we look at our trade balance with China and other nations that are competing with us, and what’s happening with other nations, we need all of our leaders to listen to what we’re saying and to follow through on it.

And when they do, we’re in good shape.

And what I’m really hoping is we can get this done as soon as possible, and then we can be on our way to being a much stronger and better nation.

(APPLAUSE) TRUMP: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s go.

TRUMP: Thank to you, Sean.

QUESTION: (Inaudible.)

Please tell us about the next president of Russia.

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