India to launch Knowledge Economy forum for students, businesspeople and entrepreneurs

Indian students, young professionals and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas on a forum called Knowledge Economy.

The website will launch in January and aim to connect the country’s young people with businesses and individuals with the skills they need to grow and prosper.

The platform, which was launched in December, is a collaboration between the National Knowledge Institute of India (NKI) and the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology (CITE).

The initiative aims to connect students, entrepreneurs and businesspeople with local businesses and professionals who have the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the 21st century.

The launch will be followed by an event in the Indian city of Hyderabad, on February 16.

“The initiative is being driven by our government and the NKI to promote the creation of a vibrant and open environment for the digital economy,” said NKI president Rajan Kumar.

“In addition, the platform will offer access to more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, providing them with the opportunity for networking, mentorship, mentoring and business development,” Kumar added.

According to Kumar, the website will give students the opportunity and opportunity to collaborate and share information.

“Students will also be able to find their place on the platform, share their business ideas, build their business and connect with local entrepreneurs,” he said.

“This will allow the students to explore and learn from local business people and entrepreneurs in an environment where they can work in synergy to expand their businesses,” Kumar said.

The forum will include an on-demand platform where people can post ideas, connect with business owners, learn about local entrepreneurship and business services, and make new friends.

The NKI, CITE and the CITE will also set up a business incubator called “Digital India”, with mentors and mentors’ businesses.

According a recent report by the think tank Tech Crunch, India’s business ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate, with a new startup every six seconds.

Tech Crunch noted that the number of companies registered in India rose by 17% in the first quarter of 2017, while total business venture capital invested in India was $12.5 billion.

India’s startup ecosystem, which includes over 1,200 companies, has the potential to provide thousands of jobs to the country, with 1.7 million people employed in the sector.

“India is on the verge of a revolution in the way startups operate and scale, but many of the issues are still largely unexplored,” Kumar told Business Insider.

“We are also committed to developing the skills and knowledge of our students and the next generation of entrepreneurs in India.”

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