How to make a greyhound towing a vehicle

RTE News article The Greyhound Learning Institute has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help support the rehabilitation of a greyhounds owner who was forced to take them to a tow yard after a serious accident.

The vehicle had been parked on the road for six months, and had never been towed before.

The driver, who wished to remain anonymous, had just left the vehicle for a day’s work when it was stolen.

The Greyhound Training Institute said the car was a 2007 greyhound.

A neighbour heard the driver was struggling with the engine and the car’s suspension.

She called police and the Greyhound Academy at Greyhound training centre was called.

“I was quite worried that she would take the car and drive off, that she was going to run away,” the neighbour told the Irish Independent.

The owner, who works in the hospitality industry, was treated by a local vet, who said the Greyhounds were intelligent, and that the car could drive itself.

The police and ambulance service were called, but it was too late.

“She’s been in the hospital since the accident, and is recovering from her injuries.

She’s been discharged but she’s not out of the hospital.

She’ll be in the ICU for a while,” the driver said.

The centre is set to host an awareness day on Sunday, April 3, from 5:00pm to 8:00am at its campus.

The organisation said it would also host a workshop on how to safely tow a greyhorse in the future.

The campaign is raising money for the care of the driver and her three children, aged six to 12, as they prepare to take on the new role of caring for the greyhound and its owner in the months ahead.

“The owner and the greyhound were both in a serious crash, and the damage to the car left them without much protection.

So this is a very difficult situation for the family,” said John Hynes, the centre’s executive director.”

They will need to go into it with some confidence, but with some determination, as well as some support from others.”

We want to see them in an environment where they can cope with that and take responsibility for their own safety.

They will be a bit of a shock for them, but they will be in a very positive environment.

“Greyhounds are very intelligent and have a lot of respect for their owners.

They do not like to be out in the open, and they don’t like being hurt by people.

They’re very protective.”

A spokesperson for Greyhound academy said the centre had been in contact with the family and that there was a plan in place to get the greyhorse involved in the rehabilitation process.

“When the Grey Hound Learning Institute receives the vehicle, it will be taken to the Greyhorse Training Institute facility in Lough Neagh, County Tyrone, where it will undergo extensive testing to make sure that it can safely and safely be used,” the spokesperson said.

“Our hope is that they will have a chance to take it home before the end of the year.”

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