What is a spinal cord injury and how is it treated?

A spinal cord is a group of nerves in your spinal cord that supply you with power, movement, and sensation.

In the absence of an injury, a spinal injury may lead to a variety of symptoms including pain, numbness and tingling in your legs and hands.

The symptoms usually go away in about a week.

The pain can get worse, and you may have a weakness in your arms and legs.

Sometimes the weakness may last for days, or even weeks.

If you have a spinal fracture, it may cause numbness in your muscles and joints.

In a lot of cases, a fracture is called a “spinal cord injury”.

But a lot more people have spinal injuries than just fractures.

You may be a victim of a car accident, or hit by a vehicle, or have fallen from a great height.

There is a wide variety of reasons why you might have a spinal cord, including: An injury to your spinal cords or spinal cord muscles An infection, such as a virus, bacterial infection or parasitic infection The effects of a sprain on your body, such a swelling or weakness

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