How to build scaffolds on your home scaffolding site

I had a lot of fun making scaffolds out of scrap wood, a few posts later and I think I made enough for my family to build a house on.

So I did a bit of scaffolding with it, and it worked out beautifully.

I think it could be a great project to have as a gift for Christmas or as a decoration for your garden or your yard. 

As you can see, I used a piece of scrap oak from my garden shed to make the base. 

I’ve never made scaffolds before, but this one is surprisingly easy to do.

It’s also a great Christmas gift for a family. 

The idea for the post came from a friend who’s a builder, and I’m sure he’ll have something to share about his work as well. 

If you want to build your own scaffolding, I’ve included a tutorial below. 

It doesn’t take very long, either. 

Materials for the project scaffold: 1.3-inch diameter oak plank(1 inch long and 2.25 inches wide) (I used a 1.25-inch wide oak plank) 1 1/4-inch-wide square (1.25 inch wide)1 1 /2-inch drill bit (or any drill you prefer) Small nails to hold it in place (optional) Bowl to attach to the tree (optional)  Cutting the tree down to 1.5 feet tall and about 3 feet wide and using a 1-foot piece of plywood to hold the plank in place, cut it down to just over 1 foot tall and roughly 1.75 feet wide. 

Attach the plywood board to the oak plank with two nails, then attach the two pieces of ply to the other two nails. 

You’ll need to make sure that you don’t accidentally cut the boards into two pieces by the time you’re done. 

Secure the two boards together with two small nails.

Make sure the two nails are in the right position. 

Put the board in place with the ply and nails, and then fold the two ply pieces to the correct length. 

Now, the wood on top of the ply is just like the tree above, except that the ply wood has a bit more slack to allow the board to bend in the middle. 

Next, use a drill bit to drill a 1/2- inch hole through the ply to allow air to enter the wood.

This hole will be about 1 inch deep and 1 inch wide.

The hole should be about one-third of an inch deep. 

Using the drill bit, drill a hole 1 1/8-inches in diameter.

If the hole is too big, you’ll need a bit bigger drill bit. 

Use a drill to drill holes through the two sides of the board. 

Make sure you’re doing it right.

Attach the boards to the wood with a small nail, and secure them with two more nails.

Now you can get to work. 

First, drill through the top of each side of the wood, leaving a hole about 1-inch deep.

Then, attach the boards in place by carefully drilling the hole into the wood and attaching the boards securely to the ply. 

When you’re finished, secure the boards with a bit, then drill a second hole through to fill the hole.

Once you’ve drilled the second hole, you can use a small drill bit (or other drill to the hole you drilled) to drill another hole in the ply so that air can enter the ply, and attach the other boards to that. 

Here’s the finished project. 

Cutting it down the middle and using plywood for the outside Now it’s time to cut down the inside of the house. 

Step 1:  Cut the outside of the building to your desired size. Step 2:  The inside of your house should look like this: Step 3: Make a big cut in the top half of the tree. 

For the next step, I cut the tree to a 1 inch diameter. 

Start with the center of the top and work your way around the tree, cutting through the middle until you have a full 1 inch hole. 

This is where you will cut the trunk, and once you have cut down that hole, the inside is ready for the next phase. 

Begin cutting through a 1 1 /4- inch-wide section of the trunk. 

 This will be the first step, as this is where your tree will end up when you cut the trees. 

Once you have your trunk cut, attach it to the top with small nails using the same technique you used to attach the plyboard. 

And that’s it. 

(Optional) You can trim the tree’s bark to make a gift or decorate the inside. 

So here’s a Christmas gift to give to a friend or a family member

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