India gets a ‘world knowledge’ coin: Is this an Indian coin?

A new coin in the world knowledge forum INDIA is about to be released to the public and its all about the internet.

The new coin, called Dental Knowledge Coin, is being launched at the Mint’s Minting Centre in Ahmedabad on April 7 and will be made available for purchase from Minting Centres across the country.

This coin will be available for pre-sale from April 7, 2018 and will have a face value of Rs 5,000.

The coin will have the Mint logo and a message from the Chief Minister of India, Arvind Kejriwal.

The coin’s release comes ahead of a nationwide campaign to get the government to give the coin a name.

The campaign is part of the “India is India” campaign that was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2017.

The Prime Minister announced the name “Dental Knowledge” as a tribute to the “laboratory of knowledge” that has been established by the Indian government since the Independence of India.

This is a collaborative effort by the PM, the Chief Ministers of the five states of Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Odisha and Jharkhand and the Centre.

This is the first time that a coin will feature a name of a state.

In a Facebook post on April 4, the PM said, “Dont wait for us to name the coin.

Dont wait, buy one today.

If you dont, you dont deserve to be called Dont Wait”.

The campaign will include a website, a call centre number and a phone number for people to donate the coin to.

People can also use the website to donate to the coin’s creators, Dr Srinivas, from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the National Institute of Medical Sciences.

The first 200 people to buy a coin from the website will be given an opportunity to donate.

The Prime Minister has announced plans to launch a similar coin in 2022, which will be called ‘World Knowledge Coin’.

“There is nothing that will surpass the greatness of our country, our country has been the best in the whole world for a long time,” said Modi.

“This coin is about building our own world knowledge.

We have a lot of knowledge that is global, but this is India.

So it will be about bringing knowledge that India has got and using that knowledge to bring good health to the world.”

In April 2018, Modi launched the ‘Knowledge’ initiative to promote Indian science and technology to the outside world.

He said he wanted to raise awareness of the achievements of Indian scientists and scientists around the world.

The government has been trying to promote the coin through a series of initiatives.

A “Dentistry Portal” has been launched in Ahmednagar, with information on how to get dental treatment in India.

There are also efforts to create a website in English for the coin, which is expected to launch in 2019.

“The coin is meant to help us get dental advice,” said Dr Sainath, the director of the Centre for Information Technology and Society.

“The coins aim to educate the public about dental care and to encourage people to get advice on how best to use dental appliances.

I believe this is the most innovative coin to be launched to date.”

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