The world’s most fascinating weird things: This is what you need to know about the world’s weirdest animals

There’s nothing like seeing a strange animal in the wild, but what is it exactly that makes it so special?

This is the question we have asked ourselves over the years.

The world of the wild has changed dramatically in the last 200 years, and the wild animal that we know today has grown more complex over time.

So what is a wild animal?

Read on to find out.

The wild animal is a type of wild mammal that is a member of the order Carnivora.

These animals are native to the planet and have adapted to living in many different environments.

Their range covers vast areas, ranging from the arctic and the tropics to the tropical rainforests of South America.

It also includes a number of other animals such as primates and bats.

Wild animals are wild animals in the sense that they can live independently of humans and are capable of living in a variety of environments.

These include forests, lakes, marshes and other environments.

It is possible for a wild animals species to live in captivity, where it is cared for and protected.

There are several different types of wild animals that can be found in the world.

The first and most well known are the herbivores.

These are the animals that eat vegetation, insects, animals and other plants, and that have an instinctive need to feed.

They are also called herbivorous animals because they are the only animals that require herbivore prey.

A common example of a herbivorist is a rabbit, which has a strong preference for rodents.

The other animals that make up this group are the mammals, which include dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep and goats.

The second type of animal that people associate with the wild is the carnivorous, which is the animal that feeds on insects, birds and mammals.

This is sometimes called a scavenger.

It can be a carnivorous animal that eats insects or animals that are not their main prey.

For example, a wolf or bear would feed on small animals such a ants, beetles, flies, worms or ants.

A carnivorous bird or bird of prey might feed on insects and mammals, such as a cuckoo, robin or kite.

The third and most popular type of animals are the omnivorous.

This group of animals consists of animals that have two or more types of prey.

They include small mammals, birds, fish and mammals such as cats, dogs, horses and dogs.

The most common example is a mouse.

The more diverse this group of creatures, the more they have different tastes.

A mouse might eat a certain type of insect, such a beetle or a cricket.

It might also be a hunter of small animals, such birds, reptiles and mammals like frogs, snails, molluscs and worms.

In addition to these types of animals, there are a variety that live in other areas.

These includes birds and frogs, for example, which live in the desert, mountains and rivers.

It could also be the marsupials, such the birds that live on the ground and are more aquatic.

The term marsupial is a common one for these animals because of their aquatic habitat, and this is what they are called.

Some animals that live near the sea, for instance, the sea turtles and dolphins, are also known as sea turtles.

The fourth type of creature that people call wild is an herbivory.

This includes many animals that need to eat a variety or foods, such for example birds, insects and even rodents.

A wild herbivora includes birds, birds of prey, fish, mammals, snakes, frogs, snakes and all sorts of other species.

The fifth type of a wild beast is a carnivore.

This animals are not related to any other wild animal and are not carnivores.

This means that they are not omnivores and have a preference for some of the other foods.

For instance, some animals can live on a diet of insects and insects have a strong appetite for insects.

These carnivorous animals can be seen in some of these animals.

These animal types are the most common type of carnivore, and they are found in many wild animals.

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