Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

video editing apps for iphone
video editing apps for iphone

The usage of the iPhone is increasing drastically. Shooting videos is common, but to give it a professional touch, you must have a video editing app. As the usage of iPhone is increasing day by day, the users are searching for video editing apps iPhone. To make your search simple we are giving you the best video editing apps for iPhone.

We are here to help you out to get the best video editing apps on the iPhone. Our research has concluded getting the top 10 best video editor apps and more. Continue reading to know more in detail about video editing apps iPhone free and paid ones.

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone Free and Paid

Go through the below-given video editing apps for iPhone given here as the apps specifications and the user-friendly nature of the app varies from one to other. One may like the user-friendliness of the one app, and others may like the features of the other app.

To make the perfect decision of selection of the video editing app according to your requirement, you have to read till the end of the content to get the best suitable video editing app for iPhone free and paid versions.

1. LumaFusion

Developer: Luma Touch LLC
Price: 32,99 €+

LumaFusion is the best app for pro video effects and editing. It is the top best video editing app for iPhone and iPad devices. Luma Touch LLC is the selling company and the producers are the same for pinnacle studio app and LumaFusion.


  • The world-class support which is free and the video tutorials help you to become a pro in video editing.
  • 6 audio/video tracks for graphics, titles, audio, videos, and photos.
  • Magnetic timeline with overwriting/insert and unlink/link clip
  • Transitions, track headers, external monitor viewing, add markers about edits.
  • Create slow and fast motion which supports 240 and 120 fps.

Available On: iPhone and iPad (iOS devices)

Rating on Apple store: 4.8 with 7.3k ratings (varies)

Price: $29.99 (may vary)


  • There are multiple sharing options like social media and can share to variant online platforms like Google drive.
  • Export at variant resolutions and frame rates.
  • Many layer effects, audio options, and many advanced editing options give videos a professional look.


  • Expensive for non-regular users.
  • The cost is reasonable for professional users.

2. Inshot

Inshot is one of the user-friendly and easy use editors for iPhone with a lot of exciting features. It has the basic editing tools available for free and the advanced editing features are available only on paid pro version.


  • The merge, video speed adjustment, and delete/trim a video.
  • Add music from your favorite mp3 files in your mobile.
  • You can add sound effects, voice-overs, and control volume for video and mp3 music.
  • The option of adding emoji, text on the images.

Available On: Android, iPhone, iPad, Android

Rating on Apple store: 4.8 with 481.6k ratings (varies)

Price: Inshot pro $3.99 (1month) and $14.99 (1 year)


  • Timeline features help to sync emoji and text with the video.
  • Unique Photo and Video filters.
  • High-resolution output with sharing option on social media platforms.


  • Annoying ads on the free version.
  • It doesn’t have variant speed (fps) saving option of the video.

3. FilmMaker Pro

‎Filmmaker Pro Video-Editor
‎Filmmaker Pro Video-Editor

Filmmaker Pro is one of the best choices for people who are looking for pro video editing app. The pro version is bit costly but they are worthy for the features they are offering. Here, the many filters, transitions, audio meters, video grading, green screen, various stylish fonts, and many more features are available.


  • The file manager unique features help to export and manage the video files.
  • It supports the overlays of text, voiceovers, video clips, and audio tracks.
  • The export rate, aspect ratio, background color change options are available.
  • Real-time effects and filters.
  • Fade out and in with trim option.

Available On: iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch

Rating on Apple store: 4.6 with 101.3k ratings

Price: In-app purchases


  • Available in languages like Arabic, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, etc.
  • Supporting slow-motion videos
  • The photo motion, picture in picture image and video, and chrome key features are available.
  • Videos with effects of ken burns.
  • Drawing tools with selecting options of the color, opacity, and size.


  • The size of the app is almost 300+MB
  • Pro features are bit costly

4. iMovie

Developer: Apple
Price: Free

iMovie is the product of Apple which is offering variant great video editing features.  The newer iPhone mobiles come with the inbuilt iMovie video editing app. However, the multi-touch and streamlined design make the video editing app even more user-friendly.


  • The trailer templates with the original score and stunning graphics composed by top composers of the film world.
  • There is customization to credits, cast names, and studio logos.
  • The 8 themes have variant music, transitions, and matching titles.
  • Usage of the keyboard helps to edit the movie with quick and simple shortcuts.

Available On: iPhone, iPad, macOS

Rating on Apple store: 4.1 with 3.9k ratings

Price: Free


  • The many sharing and saving options helps to save the edited video file.
  • Speed-up 2X is available.
  • Use Airplay to stream the video wirelessly through Apple TV.
  • The transformation videos with the help of the effect of a green screen.
  • Overlay images to apply split-screen and picture-in-picture effects.


  • It is best to create movie trailers only.
  • This iMovie app requires 11.4 iOS and later version.

5. Videoshop

The video shop is the powerful editor of video for the iPhone and iPad videos. It has the special feature to record the videos directly from the app which allows adding the editing’s more accurate. You can add narrations, merge multiple videos/clips, can add text, and many more options to give perfect editing to your video.


  • The filter tool contains the Blur option with many other options to enhance video quality.
  • However, the sound effects, music, and trim along with display adjustment features give special effect to the video.
  • The tilt-shift, reverse, impose, stickers, day motion video creation, and transitions helps to give special effects.

Available On: iPhone, iPod, Android

Rating on Apple store: 4.8 with 121.6k ratings

Price: Free download limited features, pro version monthly & annual


  • The ken burn effects give focus and movement to videos and images.
  • You can share directly to social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Dropbox, snapchat, WhatsApp, and email.
  • Use the free trial period to know the features and later go for the buy.


  • The pro version pricy.
  • It accepts only videos taken on iPad or iPhone. Videos are taken in other devices editing causes changes in instability and crashes.

6. Magisto

The Magisto is one of the simple and best video editing apps for the iPhone. It won’t contain some of the editing features like tilt, text overlays, and others. The themes available in the app are a special attraction. Many other features help the video edited through this app much more unique and special.


  • The sophisticated AI finds the best parts in the footage with its techniques of video editing like video effects, video filters, facial recognition, auto video crop, and stabilization.
  • One-tap sharing available for Google+, email, WhatsApp, blogs, YouTube, websites, etc.
  • You can upload 30 / 80 images per each movie and able to use 25 minutes of clip/footage.
  • The licensed music, professional styles, captions, logos, premium features are special attractions in this video editing.

Available On: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch,

Rating on Apple store: 4.7 with 69.7k ratings

Price: In-app purchases


  • The video making is simple which is possible with three easy steps.
  • Magisto AI-powered video editor that edits video semi-automatic.
  • The combination of text, video clips, music, photo, and video filters are helpful to make the extraordinary video.
  • No limit for movie downloads.


  • The premium and professional editing costs are a bit pricy.
  • Limited features are available in the free version.
  • The HD downloads available only in the professional version.

7. Splice

Splice allows you to import clips, arrange, trim, add filters, text overlays, transitions, effects, titles, etc. It allows the usage of multiple music/audio tracks, sound effects, free songs, iTunes library sync.


  • Easy share and save options are available.
  • The subscription gives access to many more features to make professional video editing.
  • Applying and adjusting the orientation, adjusting colors, the addition of title sliders, custom outro, and many more exciting features are available.
  • There is an option to adjust the playback speed with slow and fast motion.

Available On: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch,

Rating on Apple store: 4.6 with 80k ratings

Price: in-app purchase


  • The download of the movie is free with no watermarks.
  • Trial and splice packs are available to decide after knowing the features.
  • The zoom effects give a perfect life to the photos.
  • Easy and user-friendly features make the splice video editing reach more people.


  • Many themes are not available.
  • Commercial use of music is not available.

8. Quik

The Quik app allows you to create well-edited videos within simple steps. It contains all the simple options like trim, effects, transitions, and others. But it is missing some of the major editing tools that enhance the video.


  • It helps to add the title to the video.
  • You can share with social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Of course, you can add a video to your gallery.
  • Fat editing is possible.
  • The story customization with the help of music, text, and easy sharing.

Available On: iPhone, iPod

Rating on Apple store: 4.9 with 206k ratings

Price: free


  • You can imports videos or images from social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook along with a photo library.
  • It comes with an option to change the format in between square and cinema.
  • The background music change option is available along with additional filters.


  • Some of the prominent features are missing.
  • It doesn’t accept multi-track.

9. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is an app that offers professional editing tools. It allows various formats like square, portrait, and landscape. The editing of a YouTube or family video makes it simple.


  • The trimming of the video is possible with various trim options.
  • Multi-audio track and preview editing are possible.
  • The speed control, LUT filters, chroma key, and 3D transitions are possible.
  • However, the clips can layer precisely frame-by-frame.

Available On: Android, iPhone, iPod

Rating on Apple store: 4.6 with 56.2K ratings

Price: in-app purchase


  • The free version also doesn’t showcase ads.
  • Sharable to social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms with one-click.
  • Multi-Track editing is possible.
  • You can export the video directly to YouTube.
  • It supports 4K video quality.


  • Pricy compared to other video editing apps.
  • Watermarks the free version.

10. Vivavideo

You can make the video with simple adding of images and video clips. The simple features make it possible to make video editing possible for beginners.


  • The themes available in the app are simple and elegant.
  • You have to buy the app to get the paid themes.
  • Many effects in the images and video make the video more elegant.
  • You can slow or speed the video.
  • The addition of music is possible.

Available On: Android, iPhone, iPod

Rating on Apple store: 4.7 with 73.7K ratings

Price: in-app purchase


  • The variant themes in the app allow you to make quality videos.
  • It allows you to share the video to social media platforms.
  • You can edit the images separately.
  • The special effects on the images enhance the video.


  • Watermark is available on the free version.
  • Not many effects are available as other editing apps.

Few More Apps

Developer: Fidel Lainez
Price: 6,99 €+
‎Slideshow Creator
‎Slideshow Creator
Developer: Animoto Inc.
Price: Free+
‎Videocraft - Video Editor 4K
‎Videocraft - Video Editor 4K

Conclusion: Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

We hope that the information provided here is helpful to get the best video editing apps for the iPhone. We recommend paid apps like LumaFusion, Inshot, Kinemaster for professional use. You can go with the iMovie app for free version editing app. However, the above-given video editing apps on the iPhone are found best according to our research and knowledge, if you know any of the other apps please let us know in the comment section. We always look forward to your feedback and support through comments.

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