Facebook image search | Finding Profile from an Image (2019)

facebook image search
facebook image search

Facebook image search is a technique of searching profile of a user by Image ID, Image search or advanced FB search. FB is one of the world’s most popular social site which is one of the best for posting images. Every month on an average of 2 billion people use FB and this number is day by day increasing.

Fbook has billions of users who post 300 million images or photos every day. So if you have a photo and looking to find the profile. Then follow some easy steps which are mentioned below and I am sure that you are gonna find the profile.

What is Facebook image search?

Facebook image search is a way of finding a profile by the help of his/her image. Facebook photo search is one the best way to search for any profile. It’s very helpful to find those people whose profile you don’t know but have an image.

But note that there is no official image search feature on Facebook and also only private profile will not show.

How to use Facebook photo search?

It’s really easy to search profile by photos and many of the time it works perfectly. It differs from google. As google search and crawls the result according to ALT text given by the owner. But Facebook has to look upon three things:-

  • Fb has to take into users or account the privacy setting of the owner.
  • It can only display public images.
  • It crawls photo or images based on Account ID or numerical ID.

Many people don’t know that facebook assigns a numerical ID or Account ID to all the photos uploaded on it by anyone.

And if you know the number then you can use it search a profile.

In general, to search a photo on FB you have to first sign in the account and then you have to type the relevant keyword. And also you can search for a specific photo by adding ‘Photos of ABC’ to get a more accurate result.

Or else you can also use the Social Search Engine to find the user. Just type FB as a parameter and search your term and you will get the term accordingly.

Alternatively, there are many other methods which I am going to tell you.

How to do a Facebook image search?

Here are some methods of finding profile through photo search in facebook:-

Using Reverse Search Image Method

So if you are reading this method then probably you have not yet found the profile which you were finding or you didn’t find the numerical ID.

In this method, we are going to use the reverse search image method. In this method, we are going to take the help of google search image. And this method is very easy to use and is very much accurate.

Reverse search image is a powerful image searching method by which you will get the image which you want to search.  This method can also be used to find similar images which you are using. This method is very useful and easy so if you want to search for any image then just read the article completely.

  • Right-click on the image which you want to search on FB.
  • Click on search Google for image in google chrome but for other web browsers, it may vary.

  • Now you got a complete list of website having a similar image.
  • But since we want a facebook profile so we will add a filter.

  • So to add the filter, write site:facebook.com and now click Enter.
  • You will get all the profiles which consist of a similar image to yours.
  • But since in my case, no one has uploaded this image that’s why it’s not showing any facebook result.

If you have an image saved on your computer then, follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Just visit google images and click on the camera icon.
  • Now upload the image which you want to search for.

  • So after uploading it will show all the similar images which are similar to yours.
  • But since we need to search photo on facebook so we will add a filter like above.
  • So to add the filter, write site:facebook.com and press click Enter.

Also, in this case, the results for the profile are zero because this is mine and so no one had yet not uploaded the image on fbook.

You can also do the same thing by a website known as TinEye. In this, you have to upload the image and click Enter. After clicking enter it will show all the websites having a similar image. Now on the sidebar select facebook and after that, it will show facebook site.

If you don’t use google search then don’t worry because bing and other search engines also have the same technique as mentioned above. But I think that Google is the best, so I will recommend google but you can choose any search engine.

Most of the search engines have this feature but some don’t so choose accordingly.

You can also upload the image on a smartphone app and check whether someone has uploaded the image or not on facebook. But I will recommend TinEye for a smartphone because it’s easy to use and shows the best result.

Using Account ID/Numerical Id:-

  • Right-click on the image which you want to search on facebook.
  • Now click on Open image on a new tab for google chrome but if you are using a different browser then choose view image or view photo or any other similar option.
Using account id method
  • After this locate the string numbers. For example 10561570271139225. The given number is the ID number of my chosen photo.
  • Now copy the code.
  • Type the https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= **********  in place of star put the numerical code which you copied.
  • So now press enter and you will directly find your profile on facebook.

Cheers, finally you got the profile which you was found. But If you didn’t get the profile by this method then don’t worry try the first one and I am sure that you will get the profile.

Using Search Is Back Method

SearchIsBack is an advanced technique. It let you find people by first name, school, city, country and many more. The best thing is that you don’t need to write any complicated code or anything which is tough to do. The service helps you to find people easily and in a few seconds or minutes.

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With the technique mentioned above, you can find the profile which you wanted to find. But what I think that reverse search image is best for me and had worked for me. But it’s all upon you what you like and what is easy for you so just follow the steps and find the profile.

If you need me to post an article on your topic then suggest me a topic and I will try to clarify your doubts on the next article.

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