How to root android phones using an app?


What is rooting and how to root android phones

How to root android phones

How to root android phones :-In this article, we will tell you how to root android phones and something about rooting. So if you are searching for how to root android phones then you should stop searching and start reading this article.

What Is rooting?

Rooting is a term which is used when a user gains access to a phone. In simple words, the process of gaining root access is known as rooting. When you root a phone you just get some extra access to a phone and you become a superuser.

A super is a person/user who just has some extra features and functions of a phone. But it can also damage your phone.

What happens when someone roots his/her phone?

Rooting a phone is modifying its filesystem so as to grant superuser privileges within the root directory of a phone or tab.

A root app gets complete access to the phone or android. As a result, the user gets much more features than other nonrooted users.

How to find out if your device is rooted?

In fact, it’s really easy to find out if your device is rooted. There are many apps out there which tell you whether your phone is rooted or not.

But what I fond that the best app is the Root Checker tool. Download this tool to find out if your device is rooted.

The main reason to root your device.

  • To get some extra functions and features.
  • You can also upgrade your Android device.
  • It can be used to enhance your performance.
  • By rooting you hack a game or any other app by changing the scripts.
  • And one of the main reason is to wipe out viruses from your phone.

Risks of rooting your phone

  • The rooting increases security vulnerability, in other words, it can bring malware.
  • Getting out the warranty is one of the main risks of rooting. Some companies refuse to give a warranty to a rooted user.
  • In case rooting goes wrong your phone can get damaged.

How to root android phones

One of the easiest ways to root your phone is by an app like- KingRoot,, Kingo Root, BaiduRoot, and One Click Root, etc. I will suggest you root your phone using Kingo root but its all up to you but before rooting you have to make a backup of your data.
Just open Kingo Root and it will do everything whats needed and after opening just click on root. This process can be different for other apps and also for other versions of Kingoroot.


Really rooting your app can bring many new features and functions but it can also damage your phone. So if you really want to root your device then do it on an older device or else do it at your own risk.

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