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Sony A6400 Review

So if you are searching for a review of Sony a6400 then just read this article and am sure that you gonna get all you the knowledge on this amazing Sony a6400.

Sony A6400 Review

Sony A6400

So Sony has released a new a6400 for the day and we’re going to write the best possible review. The Sony a6400 comes in $898. It has the same 24.2-megapixel sensor that’s in the previous a6300 and a6500 cameras.

The big difference, however, is a totally new color science with 6400. In addition to improved color science which we will talk about later, is an improvement of the battery life.

Even though this camera is using the same batteries that were used in the 6300 and 6500. It’s actually much better on this camera and that is a plus point.

New Processor of Sony A6400

Something new that Sony is really boasting is the new processor inside of the 6400.

The new processor allows for AI of the autofocus system on this camera. Which is insane, the AI technology of this camera is actually able to ascertain what a human face and a human body is.

In addition to human tracking, it’s actually able to track animal’s faces, which is great for wildlife photographers especially.

There are 425 phase-detect and contrast-detect autofocus points on this camera. And the autofocus performance on the 6400 is really where this thing shines.

It’s greatly improved from the 6300 and 6500. And even the a7iii, which will hopefully be getting a firmware update soon.

Photography of Sony A6400

The video performance on this camera’s really great but it also takes photos so let’s briefly talk about the photography features of this camera.

Like I said earlier this is sharing the same sensor from the previous cameras. But with the new processing and the color science, you’re getting much better results.

The tracking autofocus on the 6400 is amazing especially with the eye detect feature turned on. When you’re taking portraits of people the eyeball is actually where you want your focus point to be especially when you’re shooting at a really shallow depth of field.

So having the ability to track your eye using the AI-assisted autofocus on the 6400 is fantastic.


Display of Sony A6400

The a6400 shares the same EVF that we’ve seen in the previous models with a 2.36 million dot OLED EVF. With 6400 we also get this cute little flash here. It’s not very good, it’s the same one that we’ve seen with the older cameras.

Sony is really marketing this camera as a vlogging camera but having the flip-up display is really great for selfies.

In fact, in a way, I would actually say this is a better camera for photos, especially if you are taking selfies because this camera doesn’t have IBIS it’s not the best for video because of the rolling shutter.

Some Problems

Unfortunately, this camera does not have stabilization on the sensor. It’s one of the things that I really wish I could add to this camera because it desperately needs it.

The a6500, which is an older camera, actually already have stabilization on the sensor. And you really need this stabilization because the rolling shutter on this camera is awful!

It is so, so bad when you’re shooting 4K in particular. When you switch over to 1080p however the rolling shutter is much more manageable.

The problem with this camera is the fact they’re marketing it as a vlogging camera that can shoot 4K because of that flip-up display.

It’s a welcome addition to have the flip-up display but because the 4K rolling shutter is so bad when you are actually vlogging with this camera everything behind you is just jiggling and wiggling like crazy.

About Images

The 4K image quality on the 6400 is amazing because of the 6K to 4K down res that this camera can do. There’s nothing new here with that.

The a6300 and the a6500 both did the exact same thing. But again, with the improved color science, it’s even better than before.

Having amazing 4K image quality is one thing but if the image is out of focus then you’re completely screwed.

That’s where this camera crushes it again with the AI-assisted autofocus.

Autofocus: One of the best thing

The autofocus system in this camera is so good it’s actually competing really closely to the Canon Dual Pixel autofocus that has been the king of video autofocus for so long.

When you look at the a6300 and a6500 cameras the autofocus system was very good but it was lacking something that I desperately wanted that is autofocus tracking modes. And this camera finally has it.

Not only can you track subject automatically but you can use the touch screen to select exactly what you want to be in focus.

And the camera uses AI technology to track your subject. In addition to the touch ability and the tracking, we also have a very natural autofocus look with video.

More Features of Sony A6400

Another area where the a6400 really excels is actually in live streaming, having the flip-up display alone is a huge advantage but in addition to that, we also have the ability to get a clean HDMI out.

And that’s obviously what you want when you’re doing a live stream. The other thing that makes this camera great for live streaming is the fact that you can take a USB micro cable and plug it straight into the USB port and power it using that USB.

Another feature that I think is really important for video shooters is the fact that this camera has no record limit.

The unlimited record time is great, but what if the camera overheats like the 63 and 6500s? Well, that’s no problem anymore, with the a6400 we’re not seeing any overheating issues with this camera.

Sony finally put timelapse back into their cameras. Which is really weird cause the older cameras you were able to have timelapse using the play memory store but it’s really nice to see that they’ve added timelapse back to the camera.

Frame Rates

When it comes to frame rates on the a6400 not much has changed from the previous models. We get the ability to shoot 4K at 24 and 30 frames per second.

With the 30 frames per second mode, in particular, having a slight crop to that image. Unfortunately, there’s no 4K 60p on this camera. Hopefully, with a newer a7000 which is rumored to come out, we’ll see a 4K 60fps on a camera of this size.

As soon as you switch over to 1080p you get much more flexibility with the frame rates. You can shoot 24, 30, and 60 frames per second with the 1080p 60fps mode looking really good.

And for slow-motion we have the ability to shoot up to 120 frames per second in 1080p. Some cameras when you switch to 120p have some issues with autofocus or they just remove it completely this camera has the ability to do autofocus but it’s not the same tracking that we’re used to with the main video modes.

You’re basically able to touch the screen and spot focus on certain things, and then it kind of just stays locked. And that’s kind of a shame.

Much More About Sony A6400

Like I mentioned earlier, this camera also has a clean HDMI out, and that HDMI out is also giving us the ability to record ProRes using an Atomos recorder.

In addition to all the other things, I’ve listed this camera also give us the new HLG profile on the a6400.


Sony A6400 Review

If I was just getting started on YouTube this is probably the camera that I would use and also recommend for others.

It feels like most of the camera on the market right now are either good at autofocus, or good seeing what you’re filming.

And this is kind of the first one, in the sub $1000 market that does both.

It’s got 4K! , you can see your image so you can actually make sure you’re recording. You can make great images with the current mirrorless cameras that don’t have flip screens. It’s true, but it’s an extra level of work and some of your stuff just turns out like crap or you weren’t recording.

So you can buy it, it’s a good option at this price point. But keep those problems in mind.

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